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Can a Private Lender Help Me Buy Commercial Property?

When deciding to purchase a commercial building, how you plan to finance this acquisition should be your first consideration. If ...
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Is a Hard Money Loan Right for Me?

There are alternative mortgages options to banks or traditional financing sources. Private mortgages or hard money loans are loans that ...
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Fix and Flips Loans

Private money loans are privately funded mortgages that allow real estate investors to quickly purchase their next fix and flip ...
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Debunking 5 Myths About Hard and Private Money Lenders

The tight requirements that traditional mortgage lenders and banks impose on borrowers creates the need for private and hard money ...
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Use a Private Money Lender to Flip Your Property

A fix-and-flip is a process by which you purchase a home or property, renovate and fix it up, and then ...
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Benefits of a Privately Funded Mortgage

Even if you aren't a first time home buyer, the ins and outs of getting a mortgage can be overwhelming. ...
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Find the Right Loan Program for Your Investment Needs

Serious real estate investors don't have time to wait months for a traditional loan. When you want to flip a ...
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Why Choose a Private Mortgage?

Established banks and mortgage companies have strict loan qualification requirements that must be met before they will issue a home ...
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Discover the Financing Tool Better Known as Hard Money Lenders

What is a hard money loan? The term “hard money” was first used in the 1950s for a loan based ...
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Flipping Is A Great Business To Consider

GW Private Capital has been arranging private money loans for flip projects for many years. What makes us unique is ...
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The Benefits of Private Money Loans Over Bank and Traditional Mortgages

When you find a good deal on the perfect piece of real estate, especially if you’re in the fix-and-flip business, ...