GW Private Capital, Inc. Is A Reliable Source For Trust Deed Investments

GW Private Capital, Inc. offers Trust Deed Investments to qualified private investors.

Trust Deed Investments are paper debt instruments, a promissory note, or written promise to repay, that is a part of and secured by a trust deed that is recorded against a specific property. A Trust Deed Investment simply defined, is a mortgage that you the private investor own. It is the exactly the same as a bank or a mortgage company owning a mortgage on a property. A Trust Deed Investment is the investment in a mortgage for the purpose of receiving future interest payments.

Jay Green, President of GW Private Capital, Inc. has been arranging private "hard money" money mortgages for over 25 years. His company arranges private money real estate loans that are secured by local California residential and commercial properties. The private money loans are funded and purchased by private investors as Trust Deed Investments.

Trust Deed Investments as small as $30,000 are available. Every Trust Deed Investment is purchased by one private investor. Our loans are not split up or sold to multiple investors. Every investor purchases one

Trust Deed Investment secured by one property and that investor will receive a comprehensive investment package and he will have inspected that property.

An Investor who invests $200,000 with GW Private Capital, Inc. can earn an annual return between $12,000 and $28,000. Private Investors may invest a minimum of $30,000.

Becoming a GW Private Capital, Inc. Trust Deed Investor

If you are interested learning more about becoming a GW Private Capital, Inc Trust Deed Investor contact Jay Green, President of GW Private Capital, Inc. He may be reached at (714) 747-1912 or at

Please take a look at the Recently Closed Loans on page 1 within this website. These completed loans will provide an idea of the types of Trust Deed Investments that were purchased by other investors.

Trust Deed Investments pay higher annual yields for several reasons.

Most of the properties GW Private Capital, Inc. lend on are owned by real estate investors. Most of our borrowers are self-employed and thus cannot provide the income documentation required by traditional lenders. Our borrowers do provide income documentation and have the ability to repay the loans we arrange. Our trust deed investments also pay higher yields because some of the properties we lend on may need repairs and these properties will not meet the requirements of traditional mortgage lenders or banks. Some borrowers also need to complete their real estate transaction purchase quickly and other lenders cannot perform as quickly as GW Private Capital, Inc can. We can close loans in as little as 4 days.

Trust Deed Investments provide several benefits.

Trust Deed Investments offer high annual returns, create greater cash-flow and are easy to understand investments. Trust Deed Investments also provide a predictable return and are less volatile than other investments.

Invest with confidence.

We are dedicated to offering safe and secured Trust Deed Investments. We believe it is essential that every Trust Deed Investor be well-informed about the details of every Trust Deed Investment they consider. Every Trust Deed Investor receives a formal Trust Deed Investment package and we advise every investor on the positive or negative factors of every investment. Our investment package is thorough and includes a loan application, credit report and proof of ability to repay the loan. The investment package also includes a signed promissory note and trust deed that is insured by a title insurance policy. Our investors are further insured by a fire and hazard insurance policy which names the investor as an additional Loss Payee. Photos and property valuation are also provided.

Our investment objectives are to provide high annual returns with low risk to our investors

We currently pay our investors 6% to 14% annual returns. The return on our trust deed investments range from 6% to 14% because of several factors, if the mortgage is a 1st or 2nd position trust deed, the percentage of protective equity in the property securing the trust deed, the borrower's credit and other factors. Most trust deed investments are short-term, 6 to 12 months, however longer investments are available.

Investor Testimonials

"I've done business with Jay Green for over a decade. He has a wealth of real estate investment knowledge and has helped me safely invest in trust deeds with excellent returns. Jay and his team are my go-to source for trust deed investments."

-Scott, M., Investor