GW Private Capital is a direct private mortgage lender.

Fast decisions from straight-forward, honest people.  Loans closed quickly and easily!  We have nearly three decades of experience.

GW Private Capital, Inc. Is A Trusted Private Hard Money Lender located in Whittier (Los Angeles), California

GW Private Capital, Inc. has been arranging private money loans (hard money) for nearly three decades.   We are a direct lender and we fund every loan with our own capital and with the investment from local private investors, family and friends.

If you're looking for a lender who is straight-forward, honest and can provide you with a fast decision, you've come to the right place!    We value relationships and respect your time.  You will receive a fast "yes" or a fast "no".  Our attitude is that if we cannot fund your private money loan, the loan most likely cannot be done elsewhere. 

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd private money mortgages for residential, commercial and other property types.  We'll also lend on unique properties such a mixed-use and leased land. 

We've funded thousands of loans and we have millions to lend!  You can rely on us to fund your loan on time and as agreed!  You’ll appreciate our speed and streamlined application process. Once we have issued you a Written Loan Proposal, you can relax and we will close your loan on time!

Our borrowers become customers for a lifetime and return to us repeatedly to provide funds for their loan needs.  You'll like our loan programs. We're constantly striving to offer the lowest loan and most competitive fees in the industry.  Compare our interest rates and costs to others and you'll see the difference!

Cash-out, refinance, short-term, bridge, property repair, construction, purchase, “fix and flip” and many other types of private loans.   All of our loans are asset-based and are not credit-driven.  Streamlined income and limited documentation.  Relaxed underwriting and minimal paperwork.

Each loan scenario is unique and we consider every loan on a case-by-case basis. If you need a loan as small as $30,000 or up to $10,000,000, we're your lender!


Our Lending Process

STEP 1: Contact us or apply online.

Contact us at (877) 715-2519 and speak with one of our knowledgeable Loan Officers.   Learn about our loan programs or discuss your unique loan situation.

If you prefer to apply online, please click on the "APPLY NOW" tab above and submit your loan through our online portal.

Wether you apply over the phone or online, you don’t need to fill out a stack of paperwork!   With some basic information about you and the property, we can issue you a written Conditional Loan Approval (CLA).  The Conditional Loan Approval will include the proposed terms, interest rate, loan costs and a list of documentation we will need to complete the underwriting process, prepare the final loan docs and fund your loan!

Call or apply now!

2. Sign The Conditional Loan Approval Letter

If you are satisfied and accept the terms on the
Conditional Loan Approval, please sign this document and email back to us at
Your Loan Officer or your assigned Loan Processor will email or mail you a GW Private Capital, Inc. Loan Application Package.

3. Return The Loan Application Package with Supporting Documents

Please return the GW Private Capital, Inc. Loan Application Package with all of the requested supporting documentation to

After we have received the Loan Application Package and supporting documentation, your assigned Loan Processor will upload all of these documents into your designated borrower folder. We will then review your folder and conduct the underwriting and process of your loan file.

4. Final Loan Documents will be emailed to escrow

After we have completed the underwriting and processing of your loan, our Loan Document Department will prepare the Final Lenders Loan Documents and email them to escrow.

The escrow officer will schedule a time for you to go into their office to sign your loan documents or a mobile notary may be sent to you. 

5. Fund And Close Your Loan!

After the Original Lender Loan Documents are returned to our office and the lender instructions have been satisfied, we will fund your loan.

We have completed loans from start to finish in 3 days.

 On average, we close loans our loans in approximately 10 days.

If you have an important deadline approaching, please inform us and we prioritize your loan and expedite your loan file!  


"I've done business with Jay Green for over a decade. He has a wealth of real estate investment knowledge and has helped me safely invest in trust deeds with excellent returns. Jay and his team are my go-to source for trust deed investments."

-Scott, M., Investor

 "I met and started working with Jay Green, GW Private Capital one year ago. Jay is a professional and very knowledgeable of his craft. As an investor, he performs in an efficient and timely manner. It is my pleasure conducting business with Jay."

- Karen Foster, Broker

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay Green for the past 7+ years. As a former fix-n-flip and large development project investor, I found his level of service as unsurpassed. His access to money sources from outside-the-box thinkers gives him the ability to fund an array of investment opportunities. I now have the pleasure to work alongside Jay in providing other real estate investors with that same level of service and access to lending products that were an integral part in my success as a real estate entrepreneur.”.

- Aldo Baltodano

" Jay is someone I can count on when it comes to a quick and fair deals. He is an honest lender that can close quickly and delivers exactly what he promises."

- Hector Alvarado, Broker/Borrower

"I worked with Jay and his associates for the purchase of our new home early in 2016. Great support and knowledgeable guidance throughout the process. A positive experience end-to-end based on transparency and trust."

-José Ferrel, Buyer

"I've worked with Jay for over 10 years due to my trust in his performance. He has never delayed a project I've worked on with him and has shown time and time again that he stands by his word. One important fact about Jay is he never over-promises and always looks out for his clients best interest. It is important to work with someone you can trust in today's business and I can confidently say Jay Green is a professional that any potential client can put their trust in whether they do business with him now or in the future."

-Genaro Fernandez, Real Estate Investor and Project Manager

"Jay and his company provided the financing for a flip I purchased in the City of Carson. His team was fast, a pleasure to do business with and his terms were very fair, very satisfied and I will be using his services again!!!"

- SSJC Investments LLC