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The Private Money Lenders Los Angeles Trusts

GW Private Capital, Inc. arranges 1st and 2nd Trust Deed mortgages, loans for refinances, Purchases, cash-out, fast-cash, bridge, "Fix and Flip" and loans for many other purposes.

We offer competitive private money mortgages for your investment property purchase. Our loans are not credit-based, so we can fund and close loans quickly and easily! Finding private money lenders Los Angeles residents trust for real estate investment isn't easy to do and we believe the loan process should be easier. Work with GW Private Capital to close your rehab investment purchase confidently, quickly, and easily!

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Your Trusted Private Money Lenders in Los Angeles

Do you need quick, reliable financing solutions in Los Angeles? GW Private Capital is the leading provider of private hard money loans. As experienced hard money lenders, we specialize in offering flexible, efficient lending options tailored to your unique financial needs.

Why choose GW Private Capital for your hard money lending? We take pride in our commitment to providing fast, hassle-free loan approvals, allowing you to seize opportunities without delay. Whether you're a real estate investor seeking a property purchase or a business owner requiring working capital, our hard money loans in Los Angeles support your ventures.

As reputable hard money loan lenders, we understand every borrower's situation is different. We offer personalized solutions and work closely with you to structure a loan that suits your requirements. With GW Private Capital, you can expect transparent terms, competitive rates, and a seamless lending process.

Choose GW Private Capital today and experience the convenience and reliability of working with premier private money lenders in Los Angeles. Let's build your success together!

Loan Programs

As the residential and commercial hard money lenders Los Angeles buyers rely on, GW Private Capital, Inc. arranges an array of private mortgage loans for a multitude of purposes. We fund 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trust deed mortgages. GW Capital, Inc. will lend in most areas of California.

We will arrange refinances on owner-occupied if the proceeds will be used for a business purpose. We are the residential and commercial hard money lenders Los Angeles trusts, providing quick loans for both types of properties. We even lend on distressed properties and those needing significant repairs.

Cash-Out and Fast-Cash Loans - 1st and 2nd Trust Deed Mortgages

We arrange 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mortgages to business purpose and non-consumer purposes. We will arrange loans as small as $30,000.

Our improvement and repair loans are made fast and easy! We can arrange a 1st or 2nd mortgage so you can complete some repairs to your investment property. We have assisted many property owners with improvement loans so they could improve their properties to a condition that will allow their property to sell for top dollar!

We offer fast, short-term, and bridge loans. Our streamed-lined approval process will allow you to access capital from your investment property.

GW Private Capital Inc. offers some of the lowest interest rates available for multi-family apartment properties.