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Why Choose a Private Mortgage?

private mortgage

Established banks and mortgage companies have strict loan qualification requirements that must be met before they will issue a home loan. People who do not meet strict bank or traditional mortgage company qualifications have options. Private mortgages are alternative to traditional mortgages. Borrowers who take out a private mortgage are not necessarily a credit risk,…

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8 Important Considerations When Choosing Suitable Hard Money Lender

Hard money loans are common in transactions that require quick turnaround time. One of the most common instances you might need a hard money lenders’ help is with a fix and flip purchase. Unlike commercial banks where loans are held for a long time, hard money lending involves few bureaucracies. In essence, hard money loan…

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A Guide to Help You When Selecting a Hard Money Lender

hard money lender

In the 1950s, the term “hard money” was coined to refer to loans based on property assets rather than credit. Usually, the lender is a private investor rather than a bank or other financial institution. These types of loans are the preferred financing option for house flippers or deals that are expected to yield returns…

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Why Private Loans Are Better than Bank Loans for Fix and Flip Deals

private money lender

Traditional lenders are typically cagey when it comes to lending for fix and flip properties. This is because the properties in question often require extensive remodeling and there’s no set time on when the project will be completed. The entire business model is a bit too speculative for their conservative tastes. Luckily, hard money lenders…

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The Financial Side of Fix and Flip

“Flipping” real estate has come into the popular lexicon due to reality television shows and investment seminars that make the process seem simple and easy. While it is possible to build a business out of fixing and flipping real estate, it does require an understanding of the financial side of these transactions. Because they approve…

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4 Steps To Flipping Property Successfully

Fixing and flipping property is a great opportunity to make money in an exciting, fulfilling venture. But you need to follow some basic rules to make that venture successful, otherwise, you’ll see your investment flop. Follow these simple guidelines to make the most of your fix and flip investment property. 1. Know How Much You…

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