When to Consider Private Money Loans for a Business

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As any business owner knows, sometimes it can be very difficult to get funding when it’s needed. Many times, they can’t get money from traditional lenders or banks, forcing them to look elsewhere. In some cases, private loans can be the answer, but it’s important to know what they’re all about. Who Are Private Lenders?…

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Housing Market Trends for 2022

A man and woman standing in front of a house.

The commercial real estate trend will continue in 2022 and affect those that invest in commercial real estate. These trends are private loans, more remote workers and less office space rental, more industrial space and warehouse purchases, and sales of mixed-use properties with office and retail rentals. Remote Workers And Less Office Space Rental With…

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How do Hard Money Loans Work?

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Most people who have never taken hard money loans are tempted to think that these are quick and easy business deals that you can use to get hard cash. While these people are not necessarily wrong, there is more to hard loans than just that. Read more to learn about hard loans and how they…

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