Can Rental Properties Help You in a Recession?

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In short—yes, rental properties can help you immensely during a recession because real estate remains one of the safest ways to secure your finances. While the stock market and even cryptocurrency have emerged as a preferred mode of investment in recent years, their frequent fluctuations have kept many investors at bay. Returns from these avenues…

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Hard Money 101

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Do you have a property in mind you want to buy but cannot because your bank is not approving your loan because of a poor credit score? You can approach a hard money lender for a loan in such cases. They are private lenders who will give you loans against your property without any rigorous…

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Using Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investments

A house made of money with the roof up.

Hard money loans are an important part of the real estate investment process. They provide the capital necessary to purchase property, and they can also be used to finance the renovation and rehabilitation of properties. These loans are typically short-term loans, which means that they must be repaid within a relatively short period of time.…

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Is Hard Money Loan the Right Choice for You?

A calculator and pen on top of money.

Traditional banks and lenders often have strict guidelines and requirements that focus on individual credit history to determine if you qualify for loans. This can make the loan approval process more complicated for many people. An alternative option in this scenario is getting a hard money loan. However, this might not be the right choice…

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